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More pictures, from Ritan park

Ritan Park is a beautiful, peaceful place smack dab in the middle of Beijing. We went there Saturday for the second time, with Kathy Chen and her family. The kids all had a blast. That’s Anna with Olivia Moy (aka “my friend”).

Kathy was a little spooked by the attention our family gets. The kids were all rock climbing around this big beautiful area with Kin (Kathy’s husband, not a typo either) and the three of us were in this little clearing with Anna and Olivia. One by one, we gained an audience of about four men, just staring at us, or Anna, to be more specific. One guy had followed us over from another pagoda area (where eli is pictured), which was pretty bizarre. At home, it would be completely unnerving, but this guy had a sweet smile and just seemed genuinely fascinated by us. Once it got up to four guys sitting on their haunches eyeballing us it did feel like time to move on.

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