Yankee fan? Are you kidding me?

Ok. I knew I was wading into some choppy waterby admitting I was rooting for the Yankees. DP fires the first shot.

A Yankee’s fan. Are you kidding me. The next time tickets become available for a Bucco’s playoff game (I know that may be never) you get last dibs after this admitted conversion. All the years of sweat and toil, reading the weekly Bucco q and a, suffering through Dale Berra, Kip Wells, Armando Rios, Dereck Bell… and you are giving up hope. The fruit is ripening on the vine and you are too impatient to wait. You must repent now or later suffer the consequences.

By the way, you make reference to why Jacob likes going to school but it is also insightful as to why you took your 36th trip of the month to the great wall. Parent teacher night anyone?

Wait a second. I am not giving up on the Bucs and in the unlikely
event of a Yankees/Pirates World series, there is no question about
which side of the fence I will be on (think maz).

Is it totally unkosher to have a B team to root for during your team’s
trek through the wilderness? (Which I believe is one year away from a baseball record for most losing seasons and only about three from the record for all major American sports, by the way.)

As proof, I just read the entire Brewers/Pirates scouting report
and a lengthy story about the possibility of the Bucs’ having an all
lefty starting rotation next year on postgazette.com. If you are a fan of one team, can you never root for another? This question is open to any and all.

As for Mrs. Cameron, no comment.

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