Holy rosary VB update

Being on theother side of the world will not stop me from my important duties, including keeping the world updated on the Holy rosary Volleyball team. the picture is classic and going straight up when I get back.

Hope that you are having a nice time in the hinterlands of China. Attached
is the picture of Holy Rosary VB team, as promised. Lost a tough match this
weekend to Immaculate Heart of Mary. Took them to a third game but our girls
didn’t have the mental toughness to hang in there with the din of partisan
crowd. Here we are in a nip and tuck third game, the opposing coach calls a
time out to stop our nascent momentum and the girls ask:
Who are we playing next week?
Which team plays after us?
Coach Dave can I serve overhand?
Coach Dave am I going back into the game?

Pretty funny. Everytime I get serious about what we are trying to do one of
their questions brings me back to reality.

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