Happy turkey day to one and all. This is our first holiday over here. It is starting to feel slightly melancholy but not in any kind of really profound way. I always enjoy being in Pittsburgh for the weekend and seeing many, many old friends. My folks are in NJ this year as it turns out anyhow.

We are actually having Thanskgiving over here tomorrow, with a bunch of people, and are going elsewhere on saturday for another celebation.

Thursday and Friday are normal work/school days here.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hello Becky and Paul.

    This is Philip Goldberg, Moniek and Fay’s son. I was in Costa Rice, now I ma in Shanghai, I wll be back on Wedensday – my China cell in 139 – 139 – 1658 – 9733
    my email is alajuela@msn.com
    Hope to hear from you


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