It is starting to wig me out how Gmail searches your email and posts related ads. Especially freaky to me is how the search displays signs of a brain, actually interpreting what it is in the message and synthesizing it to come up with things.

What really pushed me over the edge and has me thinking I should check out yahoo mail was when I got this hilarious message from my brother regarding our head shavings:

All lemmings now over the cliff. I’ll give Kessler a pass for the following reasons:
1) Josh is such a mensch he took the fall for the family.
2) Any major sartorial change in a top Merrill-Lynch employee would certainly send a ripple through the economy. Deals would be lost, meetings called off, plane tickets cancelled. Instead of talking about Avian flu on the Sunday morning talk shows the haircut that shook the economy would become a major focus.

Just got back from DC where I had to fight off all the women at my hotel room to save my marriage. The omni shoreham had to pay overtime for extra security knowing that there were women lining up with whipped cream trying to find the bald guy. Watch out in China.

And GMail offered up the following ads:

Laser hair removal
Before and after pictures Find a local professional for free

shaving pubic hair
No more irritation and bumps Find shaving product information

Fine UK Shaving Products
All Geo F Trumper, D R Harris and Proraso Shaving Creams & Soaps.

Wood Spokeshaves & Blades
Wooden Shaves and Shave Blades for Hand Tool Users & Collectors

Now, what the fuck? I don’t need to see the words “shaving pubic hair” when I’m reading my emails. Really now. Google must be stopped!

And to answer some questions — no, I did not pee my pants when taking the picture with the guard. Had I known that the apple juice Anna dumped on me was that visible, I would have followed my impulse to take a shirtless photo.

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