Jacob, eli and I have been in maplewood — short hills, actually — for four days now and all is well. I think we are actually over the sleep hump, but i thought that two days ago only to have all three of us up at three am.

Becky and anna arrive this evening. Then our family will be whole again. Well, after I get back from the Knicks game at 11 pm or so anyhow.

Everyting here has been good. The weirdest thingi s how not weird most things feel. it seems like we never left. It’s only been four months, but the funny thing is, over there it felt more like four years. Here, it feels like four days. Go figure.

My column debuted today and the thus-far limited feedback has been good. I received a really nice email from a guy in Dallas who has travelled often to China. They teased it on the front page of the paper apparently and gave it a big plug on the homepage. I also got a nice email from the editor of careerjournal.com, saying they will run the column there after it runs on wsj.com. That is great news, since it is a free site and all of you freeloaders will be able to check it out.

I am feeling very good about this, trying not to break my elbow patting myself on the back. Someone will probably pee on my arm soon enoough to bring me back down to earth.

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