Portrait of the artist as a Young Man

During Hebrew School on Sundays, some of the parents take a Chinese painting class. I posted my first effort a couple of weeks ago. Here is number two. I really enjoy the process and am pretty pleased with the results.

But I am most proud of Jacob’s work, which is on the left. Becky actually likes his better. Maybe you do, too. He came up from class and walked over and asked if he could paint. They gave him a piece of paper and he went at it. I was finishing up, so I sat down to chat with some folks and looked up and watched him with a look of intense concentration. It was cool to see. I thought he was just painting whatever at first, but I went over and saw he was working on flowers, based on a picture hanging there. I had done the same, from a different picture.

I think his came out really nicely. The teachers were really into it. They said to me, “He very clever boy.”

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