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Chinese New Years Photos

Yesterday Mr. Li brought some Chinese New year’s gifts for us, including a hanging fish decoration and a string of light up lanterns. He also gave me a pound of coffee beans, in a red package. Everything has to be red.

I took the decoration and hung it up on an available hanger. Mr. Li came out of the kitchen to inspect it and was not satisfied with the placement. He took ti down and walked round looking for a place to hang it. I saw what he was doing and took down a painting in the middle of the living room. He was happy. I put it there, then he came over and adjusted it.

The kids have been really fired up about all of this and Jacob then got busy making his own decorations. The picture here is him standing next to his creation. We were all trying to figure out how to hang the lanterns, with tape. Jacob went to his Darda race track and came back with these brackets. He gave them to Mr. Li, who used them, along with the pathetic Chinese tape to hang the lanterns. Mr. Li was impressed with Jacob’s ingenuity. He pointed at him and his head and said “hen hao hen hao” (very good).

After Ding ayi left, she realized she would not see Mr. Li again before the New years and she ran back in to wish him a happy new year, clasping her hands together under her chin and nodding and bowing.

Today was the school CNY celebration, with the kids dressed in traditional Chinese clothes. It was incredibly cute. I will post pictures next.

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