Getting ready to head back

Well, we are completely exhausted but feeling good as we prepare to head back to Beijing in the morning.

We had a great trip, saw a lot of friends and families, had some good meetings, did a bunch of work, etc. It’s not exactly relaxing and I’m not sure I would use the word vacation, but it was a very good visit. Beckly just said, “Oh, I have to call my mtoiher back.” It’s almost 11 pm and we just got Anna and Eli to sleep. That “Oh sh-t, I have to call x back” has been a bit of a constant feeling the last few weeks. So, Steve and Leah I’m sorry I didn’t call you back. I was too tired, it was too late — and Becky had to call her mother back.

I actually have more time to talk on the phone from Beijing anyhow.

I am excited to get back, really. Almost as soon as we landed here it felt like we never left. That was a really nice feeling and I’m glad that Maplewood looked so sweet — you never know when you quit looking at something familiar how it will appear upon further review — but it was a little disjointing. After all these months of building normalcy and feeling at home so far away, it seemed distant, impossible, a dream. I think it will be good for all of us to get back and resettle into life.. at least until it’s time to go to thailand in a few weeks for Chinese New year.

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