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…those who have offered it. To be clear, if I decide to use this for a column, it would be about half as long and not so much about the people I know.

Dixie writes,
Now that you know promoters and a really bad band can do it,how about Dixiedoc and The Pittsburgh Dixieland All Stars? Now that would make a column! Love, Dixie

I’ve got you covered on a band and a gig at CD jazz Cafe as soon s you get here. No worries. I may have to book myself a gig… “American troubador Fat Al sings all the songs you know and love.”

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I’m really proud when I stop to consider how much music I’ve inspired. By the way Dixie Doc et al are appearing this Sat.,1/21 from 7;30 till 11:30 at The Penn Brewery on the north side of Pgh. Its child friendly, cheap and the beer is outstanding.This note is included for Pgh fans of the China blog. Love, Dixie


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