Steelers mania continues and Skirbs checks in…

Skirboll sent along this photo of himself at the Bowl. Not sure who that is with him but he looks familiar. Rip? Turns out he has been a regular blog reader/lurker. Who knew?

I am still making my way through all the email about my Steelers column and trying to reply to them all. I have been really touched by this.

Here are a few more.

ALAN – Absolutely the BEST article in the Journal in weeks – so thank you! I consider myself an expat as well – because I now live in Maine – formerly Aspinwall resident and Pitt alumni. Living here in Patriot country as a STEELER fan is difficult – but NOTHING compared to what you’re going through!

Good luck – hope you get to watch the game – and thanks again for the great article. If you every find your way to Maine and it’s a Sunday give me a call. I get all the STEELERS games on satellite and I always have a case if IRON in the fridge!

Regards and GO STEELERS! ,

Ted Hebert

I like this one, with the image of him hunched over his computer and his scoffing wife heading to bed.

Thank you for a very well written article.

I am celebrating my 2nd year here in Brussels, Belgium and can really
appreciate this story of another Steeler fan who is a long way from home
(Upper St. Clair, PA 1972-1981). My wife just shakes her head at me on
her way to bed as she watches me frantically clicking the update button
on awaiting the written outcome of the first quarter, 3rd and 3
play on the Denver 40.

I am a hopeless Steeler addict and I apologize to my friends and family
alike, in advance, for my behavior on Monday, should the Game’s outcome
be anything other than God’s will.

Enjoy the Game.

Tom Z.


I really liked your column. I’ve watched many American sporting events from abroad and have always enjoyed watching in the company of other expats, regardless of who they were rooting for.

I am actually going to be in Paris for the next week and would like to find a place to watch the game with some fellow countrymen. I imagine that your column spurred quite a few responses. Did you happen to hear anything from those in Paris?

Anyway, thanks for the great writing. Good luck to you in China and to your Steelers.

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