“You’re Fired!”

First, the good news. I am feeling much more confident today that Eli is going to be okay. Dixie examined his wound this morning thanks to the miracle of Isite and is convinced that the wound is indeed superficial, which is to say surface based and not coming from the bone, which would be a real serious problem. We returned o the hospital for a good cleaning again and it already looks much better than it did yesterday, though it is still gruesome.

He took the process much better today. He brought his drawing book and markers with him and drew right through the whole thing, only stopping for a few screeches. He is getting used to the thing being manhandled.

But he also needed a tetanus shot today because we realized that he never had his five-year-old booster. Well, eh went nuts when he learned this.. he basically knew but thought he would be able to put it off.

Imagine trying to put a diaper on a rabid ferret and you will have a good idea of what was going on. First, he tried to reason his way out.. “I can’t take my shirt off.. the nurses will see my nipples…”

Then he tried to stall… “I just want to finish my moon pie…” (Yes, they have chiense moon pies, but they are Orion Pies.)

Then he resorted to sheer lunacy.

At some point, he said, “I am going to punch you in the eye, dad.”

At another point, he said, “I am going to blow up every bike in the world for doing this to me.”

At another he said, “I’m the worst person in our family because I’m the only one who is injured.”

And then, my personal favorite: “You’re fired, dad!”

He recovered fairly well, though when we left he said he can’t walk, so I carried him and he can’t move hi arm, which was hanging like a dead bird at his side. We got into the car with Mr. Dou and he was fine by the time we got home, especially after I said he could watch Home Alone. No school today, for teacher’s meetings or whatever and Claire Moy came over. They are beyond cute together… that is a whole other entry, for another day.

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  1. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    You Go Eli! Perfectly reasonable things to scream while your wound is being scrubbed! Donald Trump would be proud of him too.


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