Anna was so excited all week about her ballet class with her friend Olivia Moy. These pictures only begin to capture the cuteness. I think it was the first time that it hit me — “I have a daughter! She is different than a boy.”

Sounds dumb I know, but she likes everything the boys did.. trucks, trains, wrestling, basketball, bikes, whatever. But then there’s also this whole other thing that goes on.. and this ballet is the beginning of it, along with her love of all things pink and her newfound love of fingernail and toenail polish (thanks to the six years old girls across the street who treat her like a living doll).

The whole thing was only made funnier and cuter by the fact that it was held in a bizarre building, right out of the soviet Union, a huge, paint-peeling structure, set back off a bumpy, dirt road, next to yet another giant construction site. It holds some sort of sports club. I walked in and there a bunch of Chinese kids, about 10 years old, playing ping pong, wearing white and blue matching sweat suits, the kinds kids wear in school here.

I have been trying and trying to post pictures to no avail. Sooner or later…

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