You want a piece of me?

As some of mou may know but many do not, I have had along-state antagonism towards Disney, thus providing some of my rodent-loving friends and family with great glee and ammunition on this current trip. I knew they were coming. Now here they are:

Aunt Joan writes:
Lucky you!! — But whatever happened to Mr. and Mrs. “we scorn that horrible and disgusting Disneyworld and will NEVER bring our children there!” Oh well, I guess it goes down with buying beer (and everything else) at Costco and bootleg in China.

But 33 headley is not done yet. Uncle Ben needs a piece to. He chimes in:

I feel guilty. It’s been a slippery slope since the day Joan and I heard you utter those life-altering words: “Hey Becky, look at the price of this beer!!!”

And now you’re prancing around wearing Mickey Mouse ears. So much for those young idealists we used to admire so much. Oh well, it happened to us, so I guess it was inevitable.
Welcome to the bourgeoisie.
Uncle Ben

Big Art also wants a piece of me.. nothing new there.

As this blog goes on..(and on, and on…..;-), I note a change in your narratives. Your journalistic style seems to be transforming from the Rick Steves meets Mike Wallace to something completely different…and quite frankly frighteningly Hunter S. Thompson-ish. Aside from the pictures (which in an off centered and out of focus way are worth 1000 words), I am beginning to have some serious doubts. Please in the future have B sign an attestation to the veracity of the postings. I care about you, man, don’t lose it. Is there any chance of homeleave?? You need it.


p.s. you’ve always been wrong about Disney. Separate the creative from the corporate. It’s not hard to do…you just have to believe!!

Believe in what, Art? The power of a rodent? That it is normal for adults to line up in sweltering heat to get an autograph from a cartoon character, protected by a handler or two, who will take you down like Troy Polamalu if you try to engage in conversation? No thanks.

I have no real beef with Disney. We went for day a few years back in Orlando and had fun. I’m all for seeing the kids be happy, and watching them lifht up when they get to see a character is worth a lot. Eli is particularly blown away by that aspect. He almost burst with glee when “that cat from the Aristocats” came to our hotel last night.

Given a choice, I would still rather ride the thunderbolt and eat funnel cake at kennywood, but space Mountian is a good ride. It was also nice here because there were no lines to speak of and the smaller size is more family friendly. You can zip around and come back to a place easily.

I really enjoyed it here. It was fascinating looking at all the Asian folks walking around in wonderment. I figured a good chunk think that American cities really look like main street USA. And I felt pretty proud, honestly not being funny, that we have bee able to export the right to being a goofball which historically on the elite few could indulge inl.

Now, as to your first point – I will have to go back and re-read. I have not made a conscious change in style. Any specific examples? I have homeleave coming up next week… to see my dad after his surgery.

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