Big House outrage…

Art writes…
Well it looks like the GAME WAS RIGGED…..again. Instead of boosters greasing the palms of kids playing roundball, it’s wealthy Alums and Developers putting the pressure onto the ever malleable Regents.

But hell, isn’t it late in the 4th quarter already….and we’re down by 21…no one named Mary is in sight.

College Football is really just Pro Football Lite; a minor league for the almighty NFL. Perhaps the best thing to do (let’s consult a few UM MBAs on this..) is to simply spinoff the Football Team. Sell it or lease it, stadium and all. Maybe Wayne State would pay big bucks for it, or Western Michigan, Alma, or even Michigan State (we all know they could use a winner).

If the NCAA doesn’t mind why not lease it to HOME DEPOT or the GOOGLE or some other deep pocket corporate outfit.

If Homeland Defense wouldn’t object, why not sell it to the Saudis or a consortium from Taiwan or Singapore.

Think of the huge money that could be made on the sale. Enough to fill the University coffers for a century. A dividend that truly keeps on giving. An endowment that would provide a budget for every non revenue sport on the list for time eternal. EVEN ENOUGH MONEY FOR – GASP! – EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS.

We hold the big house dear in our hearts for memories which fade with each day. But the game has changed and so must we, time to go watch the high schoolers play (maybe they aren’t on steroids, driving Hummers, or making bets….yet).


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