5-year-olds’ email correspondence

The latest emails between Eli and his dear friend Jackson Wagner in maplewood.

Dear Eli,

Thanks for the postcard. I still like Star Wars a little. I’m into Spy
Kids and I saw all 3 of the movies. Spy Kids III is my favorite. Are you
into spys also? I won the science award at After School Program and I got a
trophy at my morning kindergarten for TV turn-off. Looking forward to
seeing you this summer and I can’t wait until you come back here to live.


P.S. I don’t think the cheese is funny anymore.

dear jackson

I’m glad you got my postcard. Jello!

I don’t think the cheese is funny any more either. But I do think what is funny is this: “sello, sello, hello mr. jello.” I just made that up.

Do you need some badges at school? I need some badges and a uniform at school. Did you make any new really good friends at school that you talk them into the word cheese? If I say this, would it make you laugh with the word cheese in there? This is the cheese! Buy the most fantastic fat cheese with the cheese in your eye.

Do you think that is funny? I bet you are laughing right now when you see this.

Bye. I can’t wait until I see you again.

I will just say one more thing: Mr. Baloney Tony.



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