World Cup and more…

I was flipping through the TV Sunday looking for the NBA finals (I was a day off) when I came across the Czech-Ghana World Cup game. I called Jacob over, figuring that with all the soccer he’s been playing and I’ve been coaching, we should tune in together.

People here are in a World cp frenzy. Chinese are really into it, despite the humiliation of not qualifying and, of course, all the Euros are frothing at t e mouth. I have been invited to a bunch of late night watching gatherings but have not attended any due to my various ailments. Maybe the next round…

Anyhow, Jacob came in and we started watching this very exciting game. We were both blown away by how good the play was. I was awed at the goalie kicks, the precision of the plays being run, especially by the Ghanians, the headers, everything.. I was really transfixed and quite surprised by that. As I thought about it I started really laughing at myself.

I have been watching so much soccer for the last year – all f it played by kids 9 and younger. I imagined someone who thought they knew basketball because they coached elementary kids tuning in a Finals Game, seeing Dwyane Wade and saying, “Wow, that guy is really good! This sport is better than I thought. ” Well, that was me.

We had a rooting interest for Ghana because all the pro coaches who ran practices last year at South Mtn. Soccer were Ghanian and former national Team members. We were both really excited when they won and will try to catch more games.

As for my elbow, it is much better but still looks like this… as pictured.. After days of steady improvement, I think it is actually worse today. I am going back to the doctor on Thursday so we’ll see what happens.

Lastly, I think I am finally closing in on the car purchase – just in time for it to sit for a month while we return home and shell out gazillions to rent a vehicle. Wait until you hear the whole convoluted tale.

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