Family hike on the old Great Wall

Up the crumbly section to two watch towers.. You can barely even tell you are on the Wall while hiking.. it is all overgrown and crumbly rock.. have to be careful and watch your footing.

But from up high and a distance especially it is clear you are on the Wall.

Kids did great. I think being on the Wall is inspiring to them. We only planned to go to the first tower but J & E really wanted topush to the second. Anna was on my back in a pack. I was sweating like a pig… but well worth it.

This is right across the road from the Red Capital Ranch where we stayed last week. The first tower is on a bluff overlooking the road which is a pss thrugh the mountain and was for many years an important Gate. The last battle there was just in ’42 or ’43, trying to hold off the Japanese… It got blasted heavily.. You can see bullet holes quite clearly.

The warlord who ran the area (and lived in what is now the Ranch) was seriously injured. Japanese took him to a hospital and poisoned him.

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