I have been having major connectivity issues.. like I am not connected to the internet. It’s very frustrating. I am on B’s computer, using dialup, which is remarkably fast, via the WSJ lines, but it’s all very frustrating. This is no way to get things done. I wrote a whole happy birthday Eli post that I never got up.

Today was the first day of school and all seemed to go well. Anna was the first one ready, bounding out the door and into her class. She is quite amazing. She is also now wearing a uniform. Pictures to come, a soon as this mess is straightened out.

Meanwhile, I have my first Chinese class in 6 weeks in a few minutes and I have to turn a column in but it’s going rather slow.. I started writing about the differences in being a “veteran” instead of a newbie expat, but I’m not really feeling it. Hopefully inspiration will strike soon.

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