Classic Jacob letter

Jacob has still been very into writing letters on the computer using clip Art and Word Art. Usually they say something like “You are my best friend… I can’t wait to see you again… I love China…”

But for the last week or so, he has been muttering about being ripped off in a Yu Gi Oh trade with Sam Gomberg, whom he claims traded him a fake card. Now, I hate Yu Gi-Oh and don’t understand it and think the idea of a fake vs. real card is idiotic..

I say Thank God for counterfeits, which I can get here for 50 cents a pack instead of the rather absurd 8-9 bucks. 95 percent of them just end up in heaped piles all over the house anyhow, while the other 10 percent are meticulously sorted and resorted and dragged all over the place and lost and remixed in with the bulk and so on and so on…

Anyhow, Jacob got on my compute this morning and typed the following, complete with this usual flourishes of art…

Dear Sam,

I did not like your trick at all.
And now I’d like my Elemental Hero Bladeedge back.

From, Jacob Paul

It just cracked me up.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Jacob,

    It is me, Javier. I just read your email to Sam and I thought it was funny. I don’t have your email so please send it to me. I miss you. Javier


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