He yanked it out in the bathroom at school today. The big one is already half in. He is so proud. I managed to load this picture of him holding it up over my sorry ass internet connection.

He still believes in the Tooth Fairy and I had to tell Jacob to shut up about three times. He believed in it too until very recently.

Of course, it could backfire with E, who is always very concerned about burglars for some reason and as we as falling asleep he kept asking how the Tooth Fairy got into the house and whether or not she broke in.

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    Anonymous says:

    Dear Eli: Congratulations on losing your first tooth! I hope the Tooth Fairy was good to you. When Natalie was a little girl and lost her first tooth, she was afraid to go to sleep at night because she didn’t want the Tooth Fairy coming in to her room. I had to remind her – the Tooth Fairy is very, very tiny – as small as a little fly. Actually, I remember she was still a little frightened, so we left a note on Nat’s bedroom door asking the Tooth Fairy not to go into her room, but to leave her present under my pillow–so that’s where Natalie left her first tooth-and that’s where she found her first gift the next morning.
    Love, Aunt Carrie


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