Free Int’l Phone calls

Friend David Goldberger sent me this:

This company is making money on “telecom triage” – the federal subsidy
they collect from the federal govt for providing the call from Iowa is
less than the cost of providing the service, so they make money on
every minute. A loophole that the feds will probably close at some point,
but for now, free and legal phone calls for anyone in the United States
to a host of countries. All you have to do is dial a “gateway” number
in Iowa and then dial your international number…

More on it here.

It looks cool. They just added china, so someone can give it a try. My cell number is 1086-1391-172-8921.

Home is 1086-8450-6097.

I actually need to call Australia and will try to use it on my Vonage phone. Sort of funny, routing a China-Australia call through Iowa.

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