Harvest Festival

We have a bagel store nearby called Mrs. Shannen’s. It is owned by a Chinese couple who lived in Brooklyn for along time. Bagels are decent.. they need more curst but quality is high. They import all their flour from the US and are very serious…

I am not a blogger

Please let’s no longer refer to this as a blog. Just call it Alan’s website. I watched the CNN election coverage for a good while this morning on an exercise bike and they kept going to some bloggers room they had set up, with representatives…

Vote Early and Often

Well, except for David Kann. I am going nuts because I couldn't vote absentee. We changed our mailing address to my folks and that cancelled out our voting registration and we didn't manage to get it reupped. I have more thoughts on this matter…

Coffee Insanity

$80/pound coffee? Even I am not nearly that nuts. Actually, one of the really surprising things about my sojournhere has beenlearning that instant coffee is not so bad. I bring six pounds of Peets back every time though.

Soccer photo

Jacob and Lucas Pos, who could probably be safely described as his best friend.

Last week’s column

Driving Around in Circles To Buy a Car in Beijing October 27, 2006 When we moved here last year, we took over a 1993 Beijing Jeep Cherokee with a booming V8 engine. I felt hardcore and macho driving it, with every liver-rattling bump reaffirming…

House for Rent

Great house for rent in one of metro New York's greatest suburbs, Maplewood, NJ.Four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, backs onto a park, dead end street.Well, you know the deal. Looks like our tenants are moving out when their lease expires in January.…

More hoops

Here's my Slam story on my trip to Taiyuan.

CBA trip videos

CBA teams have some different warmup techniques. Rashid Byrd aka and 1's Seven and sum Change throwing down in pregame. They get progressively better. This guy has some skills but will never develop them. The day after I left he had…

A few more pictures

Pre- and post-game, lots of pretty aggressive autograph seekers.. at bottom you see me holding up the closest thing to a bath towel in my hotel room.