Holiday shows

Eli and Jacob had their big holiday shows the last two nights.

They were held in a large Chinese high school with a full on stage, huge auditorium, etc. The kids were very very excited and it all went off well. I think Eli was more fired up for this than anything ever. He did great,ear to ear grin the whole time. I wish I could have captured it. I took some videoand will get it up if I ever get around to it.

It was really sweet. His class did Mary Poppins. All the kindgergarten and first grade classes were in it, each doing different little parts of classics.. Peter Pan, The Ugly Duckling, Three Little Pigs, etc. Really sweet and cute and well done.

Last week or so I’ve heard a few mothers complaining about all the time and energy put into these productions but I totally disagree. I really like the school’s emphasis on performance. Arts are not incidental to education.

Hell, 75 percent of life is performance and I think the confidence gained from being on stage at such a young age is tremendous.. not to mention the simple lesson of how you can master a seemingly impossible task by working together and practicing. I love it.

Could go on.. But I am tired and trying to finish my column right now.

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