Zip, zip, zip

Wow. Things are moving fast. It’s been a very hectic time here, and the days are flying by. W are leaving December 15 to go back for two weeks, a whirlwind trip that I sort of opposed though I am sure I will love.

It will also mark the halfway point of our stay here, which is hard to believe. I can already see how quickly these last months will zip by and I’ll be writing, “So. I can’t believe our time in china is done.”

Zip, zip, zip.

Dan hertzberg, second in command (I think) at the Journal ha been here for a few days and Becky has been running around with him, taking him to meetings, tours, etc so she hasn’t been around much the last few days and I’ve been largely flying solo in mornings and evenings. Kids have been good. I’ve only felt like unscrewing their heads once.

They have their Holiday shows coming up next week and Jacob and Eli are both incredibly, beyond belief overwhelmingly esxcited. Eli’s class is doing a few songs from Mary Poppins. Becky bought the DVD when she was home and he watches “Step In Time” as much as possible and sings and dances along. He also spends hours coloring and drawing again. I think he has a real artists’ temperment but we’ll see how that plays out.

Jacob’s class, along with all grades 2-5 is doing “Santa’s Rocking Christmas” which is somehow acceptable to us in China, though still mildly annoying,. He is one of Santa’s Secret Service members and is also totally consumed by the play.

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