Mom’s sports quiz

I wrote the other day about my mom’s sports prowess and projected what she would know. I couldn’t just let that stand untested, so I put Suzi to the test yesterday. I say she passed with a solid B+. You be the judge.

What is a play action pass?
That’s where they pretend to give the ball to the running back trying to trick the defense and then they pass.

Can you name 15 Steelers starters?

15? There’s only 11.

11 on offense and 11 on defense is 22.

Oh yes. That’s hard. All those lineman.. Let me try:

Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, Clark Haggans (good one, mom!), Joey Porter, Fast Willie [Parker], Troy Polamalu, Verron Haynes (he doesn’t start but we’ll give you that one), the big white guy who catches passes, that little receiver Washington (that would be Nate and he doesn’t start, but I say that counts, too), Santonio Holmes, Jeff Reed. How many is that?

A few hours later, she sent me this email: “The guy’s name is Heath Miller! I didn’t look it up either.”

How about the Pirates infield?
Jack Wilson
Jason Bay (not an infielder but he’s bonus anyhow since she got the rest.)
Freddy Sanchez
Something Castillo
Craig Wilson.. I know he was traded, but he was the first baseman.
The catcher was a big Hispanic guy. I can’t remember his name.

Can you roughly explain what a zone blitz is?

I don’t know about a zone blitz but a blitz is when instead of some of the defenders running back to cover, fewer drop back to get the pass and they try to get the quarterback instead. They try to capture the commander. [Bonus points for referencing an article I wrote.]

How about a full court press?
When the opposing team has the ball out of bounds and they are trying to get it up the court, they only have 10 seconds to cross the line and you try to defend him the whole way to deter him from making it or steal the ball.

Give that lady a gold star on her forehead.

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