Last week’s column

The forums for this were really interesting. The Ultimate Endurance Test: Trans-Pacific Flight With Kids January 5, 2007 Please forgive me if my words lack a bit of zip or even coherence. I am writing from deep within a daze, which is…

Becky and Lisa

One of the great parts of our two-day stop in San Fran was getting to see Lisa Russ and a glimpse of her and Adam and Zach's sweet little life in Oakland. She sent along this photo.

Last column

This is the first and last at least for a while edited on a Blackberry (Becky's) at approx. 12,000 feet -- inside Up4Pizza, atop Snowmass Mountain. Family Beckons: Heading Home for the Holidays December 22, 2006 The holiday season can…

We’re back

Made it home... everyone asleep by 8:30 last night and up by 12:30 am... I am in a strange state of suspended reality or something.. and writing a column to boot. Great to see everyone we saw aqnd sorry to have missed everyone we missed during…