Winter Fun

Some pictures of chair skating on Houhai Lake last Sunday. It’s hard to describe how nutty this scene was but I will try soon. There were so many people out there. No time to say more now, but I also have some great video. We went there with a large group of folks from Sunday School (several of whom are pictured here). If that ice had cracked the whole Jewish population of Beijing would have been lost.

Today, we are off to Harbin with our friends the carberrys. That is in Manchuria on border of Russia and known for being freezing and also for tis supposedly beautiful ice sculpture festival. Stay tuned for info on that next week. I do respect how the Chinese have a lot of wintertime activities that embrace the cold.

My new column is dropping Saturday.. they held it a day to promo it on the front page I’m told. So have a look at the Saturday Journal and let me know.

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