Debut gig next week

So I have a new band, Woodie Alan. The name is explained below. We have our first gig next Saturday, March 24 at the Orchard, near our house, same place we had our 40th bday party. I was getting nervous because I invited almost everyone I know to my favorite restaurant to hear me perform and I am singing almost everything. No hiding. But we rehearsed tonight, in a mostly empty bar downtown, and I’m feeling pretty good. My secret weapon is the addition of my sax friend Dave. Woodie also rocks.

More details to come.

Here’s the email I sent out.


Hello Beijing friends.

I am performing at the Orchard next Saturday, March 24. I have a great musical partner, the wonderfully named Woodie Wu. We had no choice but to call ourselves Woodie Alan.

We’ll start around 7 pm and play some blues, some Dylan, anything else we can manage to remember. It should be fun.

It is our first performance, so please make sure to have a few drinks with dinner. It is also an open mic following our performance, with people invited to join us or take over the stage for a song or two.

So please come. Leave your rotten tomatoes at home, but bring along that mandolin, guitar, bongo or fiddle that’s sitting in the back of your closet.

Hope to see you there.


Alan Paul

WHERE: The Orchard
WHEN: Saturday March 24, 7ish
WHAT: Debut performance of acoustic duo Woodie Alan

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Love the name! I’ll definitely be there (if only in spirit)-I’ll be the loud one screaming and clapping in the first row. Put an “Elija” chair there for me.
    Have fun!
    Love, Carrie


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