Next Year in Beijing!

We hosted a rather large seder last Monday night.. particularly large since it was called for 6 pm and we didn’t get back from the airport until about 1. But we co-hosted with our friend Maya (pictured with B at left) and she stayed at our house Sunday night, did all the shopping and almost all fo the cooking and basically ran the whole thing. We just supplied the locale, basically. It was kind of nice to be a guest in our own home.

Everyone but Elijah seemed to be there and I couldn’t go around a picture and name half of them, but it was all good fun. There was anothr kid table just beyond these two, which you can’t see here.

I hid the affikomen for the first time (I was in Pittsburgh with a recovering Dixie last year when we hosted a similar but smaller seder) and that really made me feel like a grownup.

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