This week has been such a fuzzy headed blur. I am lucky that I have the luxury of being lazy for a while because I have been having the damndest time getting anything done. I find myself staring endlessly at my computer screen. I left home today and went to a place with no internet connection to fcrce myself to write and that’ show I came up with as many words as I did. Becky, of course, has no such luxury, and she has been back in the thick of things.

We are sort of approaching normalcy with the kids, but it sure is a slog to get there.

Sunday night was our first night back. Eli never went to sleep. Jacob was up to 2. Anna went to sleep early and woke up for the night at about 3. Day two should have been better and was for eli and Anna, but Jacob woke up at 2:30 and never went back top sleep, as is his wont. Once he’s up, he’s usually up. He played computer for much of the time from about 2-6 when we got up., but he also did his spelling and math homework for the whole week.

Amazingly, he bopnded off to school yesterday morning and plugged away all day no problem. He came home, still seeming fine, after a sweaty session of his Tuesday after school cub, “playground games.” He was playing on the computer for about half an hour and I told him he had to get off after a while. He said he wanted to finish this one game and would be done in 5 minutes. When he didn’t come down after about 15, I yelled up to him a few times and got no response. I walked up to scold him and found him out cold on the futon. It was 5:30. I tried to wake him up, realized it was futile and carried him up to bed. He woke up at 11:15 and played on the computer until 12.

I got up then and told him he had to go back to sleep.. but he was hungry.. so at midnight, I found myself downstairs pouring Frosted Flakes.. Miraculously, I did get him back to sleep and he stayed down until about 6 so maybe he’ll be out of the woods now. Anna, on the other hand, also passéd out early, at about 6:30 and was up at about 4:30. I asked Ding to pick her up early today and try to get her to take a nap. She went to sleep at about 3:30 and I’ll wake her up after about two hours and see if we can get her back down.

I am trying to get us back on a normal schedule. Meanwhile, I am lost in a bit of a blur and had to really stop and think about how many days we had been back just to write this. On the one hand, we are all exhausted. On the other, it already seems like a long time ago that we were in NJ and it’s ahrd to believe it was just a few days.

We should be back to normal by the weekend.

Meanwhile, sara B and her boyfriend John are no w in town, studying archietecture untiu; aughust. We haven’t seen them yet but are looking forward to doing so.

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