Whirlwind trip


Jacob and cousin Sarah

Anna with Rachel and cousin Dan

Anna cruising with Noah G.

Arlene, B, Leah

Lots of tao-chi haizi. (Get out you chinese/English dictionaries)

With my folks.

Anna with Stephanie Mera. They spent two afternoons happily playing together.

Well, we made it back form a whirlwind 8-day trip to New York an New Jersey. We had a great time and I’d have to say it as well worth it. We actually had our easiest two flights ever. Yesterday, we left JFK at 4:30 and the kids were wiped from their very active week so they all fell asleep within four hours and slept most of the way. That was great. But it also meant that we got in at 7 pm and they were just waking up. Anna passed back out an woke up at about 3 am.. Jacob slept from about 2-6, and eli never slept. Not a wink.

But they all went to school today and did fine. Eli was fit as a fiddle after school. In fact, he really wanted to go swimming, so we did. he came home and was jabbering away, then fell stone cold asleep in the middle of dinner. One minute he was mowing down ribs, the next he was snoring. Anna was already out.. so I need to turn in because this is going to be an interesting night.

The trip was really nice. We spent some good time with some great people – and if you are in the area and you weren’t one of them, I’m truly sorry and hope to see you next time. It’s always difficult and a little stressful to try and fit everyone in on visits home but this time felt more relaxed.. maybe because it was so lat minute we didn’t make too many plans and we didn’t travel anywhere else, which can be exhausting but fun.

Last Wednesday was the WSJ Pulitzer dinner and it was a very nice night. The event was shadowed a bit by the fact that that morning news broke about Rupert Murdoch trying to buy Dow Jones. That put a bit of a dark cloud over a celebratory evening, but it was really nice. The only downers were: my camera broke so I didn’t have it and no one else seemed to take any pictures, and I walked out for a breath of air after sitting for three or four hours drinking wine in a hot room and feeling drowsy – and that’s when Becky get back up and thanked me. Oops.

The kids had a great week, hanging out with all their cousins from my side and many friends, as well as aunts and uncles and my parents,. Who took them to see the Lion King. We all spent two days in the city, which was nice. We’ve been so busy on our trips back that they haven’t really gone in and Jacob was the only one who really remembered it. We spent a day at the museum of Natural history and a morning at the Central Park Zoo and both were rally nice. I’m happy for them all, especially Anna and Eli, to have some good NYC memories. Much more to say, but I need to go to sleep. Tune in tomorrow.

ADDENDUM: I was going to sleep at 9:20 and Anna and Jacob both got up. I got them back down, but still…. Good night.

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