Hey, I know I need to do some posting here. Things are speeding up man. The school year is rapidly drawing to a close. We have two more weeks to go. Really hard to believe that we are nearing the end of year two in China. Fast. fast.

Meanwhile, friends are already starting to scatter to the winds (the other two big intl schools are wrapping up already). And we are losing a crop of friends.. off to Cleveland, Singapore, Sydney, who knows where else. A sad part of living here. I remember when we moved to Ann Arbor, Danny Rosen asked how long we were there for. We told him, honestly, that we didn’t know.

“We don’t get close with people here for Masters any more,” he said. “They come, we get close, they’re gone. You’ve got to be in a PHD program.”

He was kidding, but there’s an element of truth there.

Of course, we ended being on a more of a masters plan and it’s safe to say they didn’t regret getting close to us, but I can already see the concept behind his thinking. A new crop of folks will be arriving over the summer, and we will b firmly entrenched as the vets.

Eli doesn’t know ityet but one of his main boys, Hugo, is out of here in a month. They just decided and haven’t told their own kids yet. (I hope Hugo is not a blogstigator or I’m in trouble). After they do, we’ll tell Eli and I know it will be tough. Eli is still crying for Jackson and Ben Kessler. We have vacationed with Hugo’s family the last two Chinese New years and they are moving to Singapore, closer to all the great beach spots, so we’ll try to keep that going.

There have also been some visitors passing through and I have met a couple of them and missed a couple — sorry Gideon and Barbara. This city is so big that sometimes people are staying a hotel that is the equivalent of being in Brooklyn or even Nassau County from Maplewood, so it’s not always possible to just pop down and grab a meal.

Next Saturday, the Benson/Whitmires are arriving (that’s jacob’s best, oldest friend Gabie and his family). Everyone is very excited.

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