Wild Wall, again

A few weeks ago I did a wild Wall hike with the regular Wednesday walkers. I’d like to get out with them more but I’ve been too busy. This was a good one. This section of the wall was really extremely overgrown and parts were crumbling big time. then you’d get up to a high point and be able to see for miles.

Like I said in another post until the last week, the weather this spring was really superb. It hasn’t been terrible since but sort of muggy and overcast.

Anyhow, this hike was the precise walk which Peter Hessler led off his recent Great Wall story in the New Yorker, for those of you who read it. It’s a great story if you haven’t seen it. It sort of explodes a lot of myths about the Wall. It was more effective than given credit for, for instance, but less complete — it was really a series of walls, not one “Great” Wall. Whatever. I love getting up there, on both the unfinished and finished sections. I really can’t imagine it ever getting old, or boring. I look forward to bringing visitors up.

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