More Yunnan pictures

Oh, man. I could write so much about this trip and this place but I really don’t have time to stop and do so right now.

Just a few facts:
The top three scenic photos were taken by Doug Keare, one of the members of Tashi’s delegation. he was a very nice guy with a very nice camera and I grabbed all his shots. This is just the tip of the iceberg, the first three beautiful ones I saw out of hundreds.

In the top photo, Jacob and Tenzin are holding slugs. Like the kitten photo in the earlier post, this wa taken at a monastery where a very holy Buddhist scholar was recovering from a stroke. We were served tea, then lunch there and invited to roam around the gorgeous gardens. Then we were taken up to an audience with the host, who blessed us all and gave us prayer shawls.

we all understood it to be an honor but it didn’t fully sink in until tour driver entered, dropped to his knees, kissed his feet and hands and prostrated himself, bowing up and done repeatedly. The man welcomed us and thanked us for bringing kids in to see him and brightening his day.

As the above indicates, it was quite amazing to be around here with Tashi, who is like the mayor of the town. He knows everyone, had great access, was informative and charming.

It was also a stone cold pleasure to see the kids all playing. They had not seen each other in three years and reconnected instantly into great friends. They came here, kids slept over Friday night and Saturday we went to the Wall. All big fun.

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