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China Daily and Lenovo are holding a contest to select several expat Olympics torch bearers. They will be chosen by open voting – sort of unique for China in that regards. I entered as a lark.

Actually, I thought I was filling out an application to be selected as a contestant but I was actually throwing myself up there. I should have/would have taken a bit more time to write something had I been more aware. Maybe talked about how I have met Yao Ming and Yi Jianlin.. and asked Woodie to translate to Chinese since most of the voters will presumably be Chinese.

Anyhow, I’m up there now and humbly ask for your support.

So please click here and vote for me.

And, of course, start a little campaign for me. I’ll send out a big email tomorrow to make it easy to forward around. My immediate goal is to move beyond the humiliating two votes I currently have. If I do that, my goals may get more ambitious.

So, you know, vote early and vote often.

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  1. Jesse P.
    Jesse P. says:

    Well, I may have started a global campaign. I made a Facebook group asking inviting people to vote for you. As far as i can tell, so far you can attribute about 8 votes to me and growing. I invited about 200 people to vote for you. Good luck Al.


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