Off to shanghai…

It is a national holiday in china all of next week. October holiday, in honor of Thursday’s Moon Festival. We are going to Shanghai this afternoon for five days. Will be at the Women’s World cup finals Sunday night and the Special Olympics opening ceremonies on Tuesday. My friend Scott organized the outing and we will be part of a group of about 40 people. It should be nice.

Friends are off to Bali, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, San Francisco, Phuket….its hard to believe. We feel like we just started the school year.

One funny thing.. three Chinese friends separately have asked me about rigging the vote, setting a computer to multi-vote, etc. I have politely rejected all such entreaties, but I think it’s funny.

I’ll try to make a post or two from Shanghai. should be lots of interesting stuff to report.

In the meantime, remember to vote early and often for me, and happy October Holiday.

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