Eli field trip to the Great Wall

Well, as I just said, the Great Wall really never gets old. This was Eli’s class trip, about ten days ago. Friday Oct. 12. I accompanied the entire Dulwich second grade — about 90 kids in four classes. Very cute.

It didn’t have quite the same impact as when I accompanied Jacob’s class two years ago. Then, we had just moved here about six weeks prior and it was just remarkable — “My kids’ class trips are to the Great Wall!” All these visits later, it’s not quite as shocking, but still almost as much fun.

I’m really proud of Eli, who has come a long way this year. It’s nice to watch him with his friends, a great group of kids. Also funny to watch our groups’ reaction to them. “Who are these kids? What school do they come from? Is this their field trip? Why do even the Chinese kids speak perfect English?” They still can’t get quite understand all of us and our lives’ here. Don’t they read the Expat Life?

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