Sri Lankan Sunset

Check out the video of “Sri Lankan Sunset” here. The embed doesn’t seem to be working. You Tube now seems to be banned here (just as blogspot returns) so I gave yahoo video a try. Let me know how it works.

This is an original instrumental I wrote in memory of Cresenta Fernando. I just came up with the progression and rhythm and the band turned it into a song. It will have a group writing credit on our CD. We usually start the second set with this.

We played at this place, a great little hutong spot downtown about 10 days ago.

It is owned by two of Woodie’s old bandmates and the crowd is all young Chinese bohemians. It is a really fun place. Woodie invited a lot of friends and we had a bunch of folks jam with us in the second set. I have some video of some of that and will try to get it up.

Jay and I went back there for a drink last Friday, meeting Woodie and a bunch of his buds. There was a really nice Xinxiang (Western China, Turkic) folk band playing. After they were done, about midnight, Woodie and I and one of the owners got up and played for about an hour.

They would like us to play there all the time, but our rhythm section has money gigs on weekends and they can only do it every once in a while. I would gladly play there regularly. it s a really nice vibe and a lot of fun.

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