Man, I have a lot to catch up on. I am currently a bit stumped n what to write for my next column. I have several in the works that are still looking like longer term projects. I need to bear down on one. I do find that the more I write up here, the easier the columns gone and the better they are because I get into a rhythmic flow, my juices start flowing, brain starts clicking and suddenly I’m getting somewhere…

But first, I just want to put up some Halloween pictures.

Our kids get Halloween twice here.. the nearby River Garden compound always celebrates it the Saturday before and our own compound hits it on Halloween itself. Both are pretty big affairs., with kids just swarming all over the place and everyone running out of candy.

Decorations and even bags of appropriately sized candy are far more readily available than they were two years ago.. things are moving fast here. This is one holiday that kids of all nationalities take to immediately — no surprise there.

Of course, all our kids love Halloween but Eli takes a special pleasure in it. He revels in the costumes and the decorations. He can tell you the house number of all the most decorated Riviera residences, in descending order of coolness. Last night, he lost his friends several times because he had stopped to admire some decorations – or, as you can see, pose for a picture.

Unfortunately, over the course of two nights I failed to get a single decent picture of Jacob but he is wearing the same skeleton costume for the third year in a row anyhow. I d get a shot of him as a Djing werewolf in his class’ Halloween play from last Friday

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