Mail from Chinese readers

Since they started putting my email address with my
Chinese language column,

I have been getting more email from Chinese readers and they are pretty interesting sometimes. Here are some samples.

Alan, I like your Guitar World works!
I wish I was lucky enough to have a date with you. All the best and enjoy your life in China!


I feel that your column was very well written, the Wall Street Journal each will pay attention to you the first time the column has not been updated. Because it is a life of ordinary people in China bit by bit, so I do not think that this is meaningless to others. Continued efforts!


Dear Alan:

Good weekend.
I’m sorry to write a email to you.
Because I’m always like reading your articles from

My name is Kyle Tang,Si Chuan is my hometown,
currently I’m working in a private company
in the Sheng Zhen of Guang Dong province.
Could you reply to me if you enjoy to make friend with me?
I’m looking for your email.

Have a good weekend,Alan.


Hi, dear Paul!
I am a reader of ur papers on It is pretty proud to hear some views—especially some good news,maybe chinese like to hear them—from a foreigner. Thanks for ur delighent work!

I am a school boy in Sichuan University in Sichuan province, where u have travelled recently. And by a chance, I picked up ur papers on, pretty sure, most of ur opinions r positively right; however, as a chinese I can feel that even most of ur-likely presses, such as cnn, forbes,bbc is puting ur focus on chinese quickly developin’ eco. The absence-introduction of chinese culture and its eager of melting into international capital world is abviously at a weak point.

From cnn, businessweek online, I can find a strong feel that even U.S market,labeled as a world for competitors, is holding a nervous and suspectable or doubtled view on chinese companies. Surely, China is sharing its best time with this mess eco-world,at the same time, China is feeling its worst time with its people, where foreigners–especially ur gov and institutions–is criticing each day. We have recognised the importance of development,yet for a country like China with total different culture,political-structure,how much or fast could the world to ask,expect and doubt? Everybody wanna do things properly on right time with a good prestigy,but to error is human beings. We have been trying to melt into Western World where it’s door closed.And from the Subprime Crisis, I thinked a lot recently that the way western world developed is really right? how to proof? Why don’t we just set a platform where has many entrance for those who wanna develop business.After all,business is business.

China should deserve its trust from its business friends, but not suspect or critic words.

yours sincerely


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