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My family are moving to Beijing from NYC. How bad is the air in Beijing lately? Do people with little kids (we have to toddlers) live in CBD area at all? thanks! can’t find your contact information. would like to email you if you don’t mind.

I have to respond this way because blogspot is banned again.

Who are you? you should ID yourself and how you found me if you’re gonna pop up out of nowhere and ask for help. My email is easy to find.. via my WSJ column or by clicking on the profile above.

Anyhow, the air quality is all over the place. It’s been mostly pretty good all fall, with the exception of a few really bad days. Actually, I took some pictures of our street on one of those days. which I’ve been meaning to post for a while now.

People with kids certainly live downtown. Contact a relocation person and look at some apartments. As kids get older, it is harder because unless you put them in Chinese school, they end up having to commute.

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