Jacob came out for me for a lunchtime bike ride
one sweltering day. We took a tandem bike and it
was really fun.

I was proud of the way he acted, saying “Hello” to
everyone and even being friendly to these ladies
who wanted to touch his skin and hair. As you can sort
of see from this picture, the area all around the beach
we were at was desert-like.

Pig ears and innards at a Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
market. Kids walked through it holding their noses.
But the sanitary conditions in Vietnam were notably
better than in China. I actually saw vendors in these markets
scrubbing their containers with soap…never in China.

Anna and her pals got these Vietnamese
dresses at the market. Saleslady managed to
get her undressed and redressed without her ever
appearing naked and without setting a price first.
they had very different negotiating techniques in Vietnam…
less overtly aggressive but trickier and probably more effective.

They tried to make it a done deal before discussing price, cutting down
bargaining power. Going straight for the four year olds’ hearts is a good strategy.

E on the beach.

Anna and friends, all decked out for Tet (new year) celebration.

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