The Padres and Dodgers are playing two games at the new Olympics baseball stadium this weekend. I’m going to both, Saturday as press, Sunday with the whole fam. We are going on a bus with or two with almost 90 other people organized by a friends’ sports bar.. actually the same place Woodie Alan is playing Friday night. It should be an eventful weekend. I’m kicking it off by riding out to the Great Wall with the Padres tomorrow morning. Strange but true.

One cynical friend snorted to me, “Could there be a more meaningless sporting event than an exhibition baseball game?” but I say it’s all good. I’m actually really looking forward to the games.

I wrote a preview for That’s Beijing magazine. You can see it here. The press conference was fun. I enjoyed meeting and chatting with Dave Winfield and Joe Torre but I was really surprised how much I enjoyed speaking to Gene Orza, who was downright poetic about baseball.

Check out this clip of Otis Rush. It just slays me. Make sure you take note of the crowd at the very end. That slays me, too.

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