This story bummed me out. It’s all about how C is clamping down on ethnically t parts of the country.. they are some of my favorite places I’ve ever been in the world and knowing this is going on out there is making me very sad. I haven’t been hearing much abut Yunnan, but in the story I read this:

Farther north, the largely Tibetan county of Zhongdian was swarmed by 400 armed police. Many carried rifles and what appeared to be tear gas launchers. Some 30 armed police with batons marched in the main square Friday as residents went about their daily life.

This is the area known in T’an as Gyalthang and now called Shangri La. We have been there twice, once with my parents and once with our friend Tashi and his family. It is his ancestral homeland. I feel a real kinship with the place and just very, very sad thinking about what is going on

I included this picture to help you have an image of the scenes. Last March on our crazy trip to West Sichuan with my in laws, sister in law Jenny and Becky’s aunt Judy, we were driving up the mountains in a remote area of T’an China. We were heading towards the big T. Coming the other way, twice, conveys of trucks just like this passed us. They went on for 10 or 15 minutes, hundreds and hundreds of trucks, carrying thousands of soldiers back from T. It spooked me then and does even more so now.

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