Well, it’s been a crazy few days around here. I’m sure all of you know about the troubles in T land. Anything with the T word stands to get banned here. I have no idea how this could play to this blog or anything else I do but I don’t really feel like finding out.

We’re all trying to figure out what is going on. Becky has been working round the clock. I’d suggest reading the WSJ and other news sources to get a grip on things.

I spent the weekend working, tool but my work involved baseball games. There was some impact there, with tighter security, police all over the stands, metal detectors and patdowns at the entrances, and canceled pregame activities — no public gatherings, apparently.

I just turned in a piece for SI and will have a longer one up on SI.com soon. I’ll post up there when there’s anything to link to.

Only other impact here right now is internet seems to be running slow, lots more things are not, um, available easily and gmail has become totally unreliable and often unresponsive. I can still use my backup, yahoo account no problem.

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