We are fine

Thanks to everyone who has written following the earthquake. We are fine. The epicenter was far, far away from us in Sichuan, quite near the Wolong Panda breeding Center which we visited with B’s family last year. I do believe that the crazy mountain road we drove, which I wrote about last year, was in the same county where this was centered. No one knows yet but casualties look to be in the 3-5,000 range, though you probably know that, as it seems to be being widely covered in the U.S. It is, of course, upsetting.

I didn’t even feel it on the street downtown but in big buildings it was pretty crazy. Becky called me saying the whole building was swaying (they’re on 22 floor) and that they were watching cranes on top of construction sites looking tippy.

Ding ayi was at our house and she said she didn’t notice anything and didn’t know anything was going on until her son called her. But the kids’ school just a couple miles away was evacuated and they said they saw but didn’t feel it, watching water coolers shake and lights and desks rattle.

A friend in another compound, a bit closer to the school but not right there said it was very noticeable. I don’t how to explain all that but as cousin Danny might say, I report, you decide.

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