Here is a clip of meappearing on English language CCTV-1 the other night I ran around like crazed monkey to get to this place, stumbled upstairs had some powder thrown on my face, changed my clothes and ran out onto the set about 5 minutes before cameras rolled. I appeared with two TV professionals. I didn’t fall on my face, so that was good. First question: “China now has 41 god medals. And where is the United States, Alan?”

I didn’t choke on my tongue, so I did okay. See for yourself.

Back to the ping pong store. I love this guy, the Dott of ping pong. Riper knows what I mean.

I spent yesterday afternoon watching hoops and eating spicy chicken in a little hutong restaurant. Can you believe they pay me for this?

How did China get so good so fast at beach volleyball? And what’s with those bikinis?

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Alan, you made a large error in your NBCOlympics story about the medal count. In the story, you said the American Swimmers won 10 gold. They actually one 12 and had more than 17 total. The gold medals include 8 for Phelps (3 relay golds included), Aaron Piersol, 100m backstroke, Ryan Lochte (200mbackstroke), Rebecca Soni (200m breastroke) and Natalie (100m backstroke)

  2. alanpaul
    alanpaul says:

    Thank you. The numbers listed were men only. A sent. got crunched and left hanging. I will have it fixed right away. It is 31 total medals and 12 golds.


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