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Just a note: the blog index page a lot of you have does not include all of my writing. Now that I am covering lots of actual events, a lot of my stuff will not appear there. They don’t consider that stuff to be part of my blog.

Yesterday, I covered two really cool events and I don’t think reports from either are up there.

The first was diving featuring Guo Jingjing, one of China’s most popular athletes. I was really happy with the way that one came out, and I had some time to actually write it for a change.

Then last night I covered the China/US basketball game, supposedly the most watched game ever and really the most exciting one I’ve ever been to.

And, rather unbelievably I was there when President W met with the team before the game. That’s a whole other story and I am going to write a blog entry about that right now.

I can’t get those last two links to work but they are here.

Basketball game:

President Bush:

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