Well, Princess Anne didn’t show up. But the British Olympics Association party did feature seven or eight Olympians, including a two-tie gold medal winning swimmer and a bunch of other medalists. Most amazingly, we pulled off this gig.

It was a black tie type party, in a huge hotel ballroom, with a few hundred people, including tables for all of the major sponsors (for 2012 London Games). We were in shiny black suits on a velvet covered stage. A set of instrumental jazz played without me — was out writing a story. And then two long sets where we played every song we know and did so at low volume and with great restraint.

Best part was seeing the guys in suits. Zhang Yong and Lu Wei bought their first suits ever for thee gigs.

This was the third of thee corporate gigs we did, paying us about 10x what we make in clubs. It was the only formal event like this. All went well.

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